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They can be a little touchy, but using an atomic differential or glueing the side plates in the Kyosho solved a lot of issues that I was having initially. The atomic isn't as smooth, but the rings are D cut, so don't slip. The Kyosho rings are harder and flatter, so less prep work outside of glueing in position. A little sticky grease can take the place of glue if you are afraid of glueing.

If using a PN spur, run all the balls. Slow motor, use ceramic, modified steel. The PN spur you may need to cut down the lip a little.

Try pulling the side springs for a run. See if the issue persists. If so, put a drop of comm drops on the pot... that usually cleans it enough. Check for any debris on the teeth of the servo gear, and see if any wiring is crushed or fraying.

All of my f1 cars minus one are in pieces right now. Haven't driven them in years, nowhere to run. Once the base setup is done, it's usually all tires...

Check that the body is not hitting any part of the motor mount (issue with some bodies and the PN mount behind where the side clips holds) or the damper. You may need to shave some body material if it touches.
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