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Re: Mini-Z vs. Micro RS4

Originally posted by mcharles13
i took a quick glance page and they look a lot cheaper (quality) than Z's. what are the differences?
Cheaper quality than Mini-Z's?

I'm not sure where you got that idea, they're completely the opposite.

Out of the box, they rock. We run a stock class locally that I can occasionally participate in, and it's super fun.

Hopped up... Micro's have been known to outperform and outspeed stock 1/10th cars (which are super fast as is).

It's hard to compare though.

Micro Pros:
- Great out of box
- 4wd
- Lexan bodies (no risk of breaking little bits off and scuffing paint)
- Cheaper (price/performance)
- Durable

Micro Cons:
- More expensive out of the box
- Not as much detail in the bodies.

Mini-Z Pros:
- Fun out of box, but you start to want more speed soon.
- Nice bodies.
- Small, Almost pocket-able.

Mini-Z Cons:
- Costs a lot to hop up.
- Parts break easily.
- Low ground clearance (except overland).

... how's that for a comparison?

I don't know why I keep buying stuff for my mini-z. I can't afford it anymore :-P

It's like an addiction perhaps?
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