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ok first off im more off an airplane and heli kind of person but i wanted to check out the rc car scene and so i spent $50 in '05 for the 350z gen1 xmod. i loved it, it went fast it cornered well and all the friggin upgrades were unbeleiveable. then one fatefull day the antenna broke on my controller reducing range from 150ft to across a room..... well 2 years later i go to radio shack and they have upgraded the chasise and stock motor to 27k (rpm) from 25k (rpm) and they looked hella lot kewler. so i bought the scion ct for $25 (dont know y it dropped $25) and its smoother quieter and drifts like the dk. and ive read allot of crap saying i wish they'd make an SE series xmod just so you all know you can buy a light kit for like 8 dollars at radio shack...... you can even get ground fx so under ur car lights up i stacked my fet's and got a motor used on my old mini-z and it gets like 26-35 mph. but at that speed its pretty impracticle cause one small little eror in sterring and you gotta get a new body besides the steering almost feels like its locking :/ well all in all its worth the money
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