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Originally Posted by BobT View Post
Are your batteries warm when they come off the Maha?

If they are they are warm they are fully charged.
If they are hot they are over-charged (bad).
If they are cool they are under-charged.

If they are coming off all your chargers warm and running the same I would be more suspicious of whether the chargers are calculating the mah correctly. that would be an inconvinience but not anything to worry about.
Hi Bob T.

They do come out the Maha, between warms and cool I would say, when not using a fan while charging, as it is my custom.

I charged my batteries on my Maha a few times without the fan, as a test, to see if they would be charged over the 700-780mah rank, but they did charged about the same.

On the other charger, if I don’t use the fan, the batteries will end the charging very hot, not burn hot, but HOT indeed

Again thank you for the help


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