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Drifting will definitely be AWD. It's apparently possible to drift the RWDs with a gyro, but with a car this size AWD is going to be much more fun if we're just focused on stage layouts and tandems

The theme races will try to stay true to the real cars, so as long as the drivetrain matches up with the bodies we're running it'll be OK. If we did a Mini Cup or any sort of Hot Hatch night I think it'd be cool to set up MA010s as FWDs

For rally it will depend on what kind of tires we choose to run. If we all use drift tires then AWD will be necessary (and I have a feeling that's the route we'll end up taking). If we don't, then I'd say just match drivetrain to the car. I do have a feeling Rally will end up being at least a primarily AWD series.

Autocross is where they set up a tight, technical course with a bunch of cones in a big open area (often a parking lot) and then take turns running through it to see who gets the best time. Gymkhana is similar but takes the whole thing to an extreme...well, see for yourself
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