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just did a google transrashon... hope you can make some sense out of it...

"Star Works Kyosho, the car the same color give player Adati Nobuyuki advent of MR-015 2.4GHz! Excellent aerodynamic FD3S's RX-7, and the one wearing the familiar colors that in Japan Championships and World Championships. Special course of the fair. Giving each a separate hand-painted detail, and boasts a superb finish. And not just a pre-painted, and a great price. ¥16,200 ¥15,000 Usually ¥ 16,200 (tax included) the contents of 15,000 yen (including tax) will be provided. MINI-Z CUP MINI-Z CUP also to play, more fun with this. 10 is only limited. Please visit us."

hmmm.... does 10 is only limited mean.... only 10 made???? man that must be uber rare!!!! and a great price too... 15,000 yen...
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