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Gear Diff

How heavy of grease do people who run the stock diff run? I have heard people run them competively but have never seen it first hand at our club.
I like the ball diff in my stock car but its not in the rc budget for a month or 2 for my f1 since the season is basically over till fall here. The f1 and the suspension upgrades have killed this months budget. 50 for a diff and cemaic balls is not possible right now.

Right now I have some kyosho gear grease in there? The diff stock was very very gritty so i ran it on a cordless drill each way to break it in an it now moves smooth. Any throtle even 10% inthe corners andi get throttle oversteer. Does 1/10thscale ball diff lubework better or does it need to be even heavier grease. 1/8th truggy diff grease run $10 a small jar around here. Question is how heavy if good to smooth out the diff action for a f1 3010 fet w xspeed motor so you can throttle out of the corner exit?

Thanks in advance.
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