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ZRound and questions?

This is all new to me and I need a place to ask all the questions...
Using Win7 32-bit and ZRound 1.11 beta 4 with these questions.

1) Best track record:
Is it possible to keep track records separate?
Like, if I store "Hometrack" as one track. "Officetrack" as another.
Then when I get a new best lap time for "Hometrack" it gives me a sound.
And when I use "Officetrack" and beat the track record it gives me a sound.
But I won't get "Track best lap time" before I actually beat the best time for this track?
What I get under "practice" now, is a lot of "track best lap time" sounds just because it won't consider what my best time is for this track.
And when I start I'm always getter better the 3-10 first laps and I get that sound all the time, but I have not beaten my best track lap time. Just for this event.

2) Spanish:
"Drivers database" -> "Add" -> "Car properties" -> "Flag" -> then I get everything i spanish. Could you please make it in english? I get it to work, but I don't understand what I'm doing... hihi like thats something new.

3) 1 race competition:
If I just do a lot of training and then want run a 8 min race.
Not a championship. Do I have to configure a championship? Or can I register the drivers somewhere? Just for one race?

4) Connection:
I have Robitronic. The Icon on the "front page" have a red dot and "Disconnected" besides it.
Is it possible to make this a button, so that I can just push this button to make ZRound connect my Robitronic. Instead of having to go inside "Options" -> "Robitronic" -> push "Connect"??

So far it's a very powerful program.
Really love it, but I'm a hobby racer and don't to tournaments. I'm trying to get the hang of it, so please hold out all my questions...
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