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Originally Posted by hrdrvr View Post
Its not fair that I (or others in my situation) still run at the disadvantage of adding weight to comply with the regulations. I also dont like that the weight limit is set so far off of the 2wds. I understand that in this format that 2wd is going to be stock, and AWD is going to be mod, so I accept this, but still dont make the guys who dont want to run alloy, have to incur a penalty. Id push for you to move the weight limits down to 170g and 180g for 2wd and AWD respectively. I know 5g isnt much, but I do think its the difference of adding weight or not adding weight, which is where I belive the line should be drawn.
ok.... here A SENERIO ....if YOU were to add all of the good hop ups to your rtr you would gain weight and strength.....but now you find that youe car is 20 g over weight...... now you must find a way to lower your cars you will shave the body......the chassis.....the aluminum thing you are within 1 g of minimum weight....
then you get on track and it handles great....super fast.....then you snag a wall and i come barreling in there with my 190 g pancar....BAM!!!!
NOW YOUR CAR IS TWEAKED AND BENT AND d the hours and hours you spent shaving and balancing your car is all for not.....your PISSED OFF.....THEN THE ARGUEMENT.......THEN A FIGHT.....THEN THE EMBARRASSING MOMENT......LOL

also....a lower weight limit will encourage some drivers to stay with the stock plastic parts.....feeling no need to buy the aftermarket parts.....
it will also makes for second guessing when buying an aftermarket part
if we do not buy upgrade parts.....they may get out of our scale
its kinda like the one is buying so there is no money going in to buisness..... and now many businesses are "going out of business"
the higher weight limit is to encourage drivers to buy the aftermarket parts without thinking...."will this make my car too heavy????" for f1.....i think that the pn rules are the best rules for f1......
i will add it to the discuss

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