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Kyosho's DSlot43 slot car system

I didn't find a subforum for DSlot43, so...

Heads-up, we will be carrying these cars, tracks and parts from Kyosho. However, will not have an actual track to race on at the shop. I will have one setup at home for my little man (my son is 2 1/2 years old and loves cars) for which I can provide insight into tuning and performance/ function.

Shipment is expected to arrive at Kyosho America sometime in March. We should get it around 1 week after that.

Details can be found in many places around the net, however, linked below is Kyosho Japan's Dedicated English site:

Our announcement page with a brochure:
Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3)
Premier Mini-Z Race Track & dNaNo Sales in Toronto, ON Canada
www minicarclubofcanada com
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