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Talking MZR 10th Anniversary White Body Contest

The question mark header is back! (if you don't see it, you might need to refresh!) As you may know, today marks the 10th Anniversary of Of course those two things put together mean that we're starting off our year of celebrations with a new 10th Anniversary White Body Contest!!!

Your challenge (as it was last time) is to create the coolest body, starting from a blank Kyosho Mini-Z White Body (enhanced AutoScales are not eligible). The body must have the MZR logo or "" somewhere on it, and we suggest using MZR colors (red, white, black, silver/grey), but this is not mandatory.

As with the last MZR White Body Contest, we have Black & White MZR Decals, and Black and White MZR Stickers, available for purchase at, as well as a wide range of Kyosho White Bodies. To make it easier to find just the right canvas for your creation, the White Bodies now have their own subcategory in the AutoScale and Bodies category! To sweeten the deal we're also offering 10% off of our already discounted Kyosho White Bodies from now until February 28th with the coupon code MZR10WB!!!

The contest officially starts today, and the deadline is March 6, 2011. Submissions will be via the 10th Anniversary White Body Contest Gallery. In addition to the submitted picture, we ask that you take a few build-up photos, e.g. masking and first coats, etc., in order to prove ownership. You must paint your own body, bodies painted by someone else are not eligible.

We'd also like to thank HammerZ once again for his MZR Vitz design that has served us well for the last 4 years! Please post questions to this thread - can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
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