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This starts with Kyosho positioning themselves as a premium brand and how they price structure to retailer. As a premium brand, they set the pricing min. To retailers that then have to struggle to eek out a profit because market rate pricing falls orders of magnitude lower than their MSRP, which is simply laughable when you see the numbers they suggest you can sell for.
Kyosho listed mini-z unit sales in 2004 i believe at 500,000. Given the drastic reduction weíve seen in production runs post recession, itís safe to assume that those numbers are far lower these days. You loose economy of scale when total production values drop so yes, some price increase is understandable, as is inflation. The cost for brushless motors is just spiteful in my opinion and one of the stubborn reasons i avoid the move to brushless. I realize this is irrational, but I draw the line somewhere and $50 for a motor is just absurd. Forget $80-100 for a pod, just ludicrous. Itís no wonder people are shopping more over seas where domestic market pricing is more reasonable, even after shipping. This simply fulls the cycle of shorting retailers of demand though but your stuck in a vicious cycle. Canít afford keep people out, purchasing over seas hurts domestic retailers. I buy what I can domestically and where it makes sense, go over seas as a matter of necessity to stay active in the hobby. Like most others, there just isnít the spare money there used to be pre-recession and compromises must be made.

Iím not an economist, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn once... Just spent a lot of time in a hobby shop environment, specifically with Mini-Z and understand how badly retailers were treated by Kyosho in the Great Plains days and their continued pricing structure and how it leaves little margin for retailers, if they want to remain price competitive, which is a big problem for the few retailers that remain domestically.
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