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Originally Posted by Sinister_Y View Post

My understanding is that 3d printed parts are OK for open pan car class but nothing else.

Yes, but as noted you need the newer PN double a-arm kit which fits pn 2.5 chassis

For our testing/ racing yes. The real benefit is the extra width. We decided to add an option of being able to use sway bar which 2 bars come with the kit.

Sure but it depends what body you are running if that is appropriate or not. For most bodies that racers use, thr 2mm wider arms allow to use zero offset rim whereas before it would be 2mm offset rim.

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Thanks for the quick response Sinister. Want to try it for sure.

I run 90% of the time +2 front offset. For the last weeks I have been trying a 599XX with +1 front offset... With good results.

Just checked your site, prices are CADs?
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