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Originally Posted by soulstice View Post
Planning on getting a track again for myself and to get my kids into RC as well.

I used to have three wide ovals(which is basically two wideL), and am considering whether it will be better to go with the mini96 or WideL for my new track. Would consider getting an expansion and a second wideL but I wouldn't be able to leave it set up under my current space constraints.

Mini96 would allow me to have a more challenging course in the same space but might be tight if I have 3-4 cars running on them.

Wide L would give more space to run more vehicles concurrently but less interesting layout.

For those that have gone either route, wondering if there are additional thoughts for or against either option, specifically the Mini96 as I don't have first hand experience with that.
I’ll throw my two cents in for what it is worth.
I am limited on space as well. I have a half finished basement. I had a slot car track set up for a long time. It was on a 12x8 table. I recently pulled out the mini 96 and it fits perfectly on the table I used for the slot car track. If I were you, I would definitely go with the mini 96 if you have space that can be dedicated for that. One wide L would most certainly get boring rather quickly I think. The mini 96 is like two wide L’s, so you have track variations available using a mini 96. As far as having three or four cars running at the same time, that would be tight.....but can be done. I think it would be a good idea to set a timer and have two race for 10-15 minutes, and then the next two.

Depending on the age of your kids, a mini 96 track might be tight for them, but, if they take their time.....they will get it. Challenge them to get around the track without hitting any rails vs just going fast. See how many laps they can make without hitting anything. That might help them get a feel and rhythm. Then, go fast. ;-)

Also, I haven’t done this, but I’m considering it. If you get a Mini96 track, you could join the Mini96 World Challenge:

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