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I have 2 wide Ls, and the tracks you can make are really fun and can easily accommodate 3-4 cars racing head to head. We participate in HFAY and it gives our "club" which is really 3 old childhood friends an excuse to get together once a month and garage race. Unfortunately we are very mediocre, but it gives us something to shoot for, and includes us as part of a community of fellow mini z enthusiasts from all over.

That said, there are some big disadvantages to the full 1 meter wide track. It doesn't fit in my basement unless I get very creative with the set up. A mini 96 would be much better for my space. 2 wide Ls also take up quite a bit of space to store. I made some custom bags and store it on shelves in my garage. If you can only fit 1 wide L, I would definitely go with the mini 96. If you have the space, the head to head racing allowed with 2 wide Ls is hard to beat.

Jim, I have been following the mini 96 world challenge and it seems like a great option to build community and competition for people that do not have other racers available. If I ever find myself with a mini96, I would do it in a heartbeat to work on skills. Thank you for making it happen!
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