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*Click* *Bang!*

I did soem searches via Yahoo, Google and Altavista under the search string of: Colt RC; Colt Radio Controlled; Colt Mini RC and a few other combinations.

I found once hobby shop down under (In Australia, where sheep sleep with their tails against the wall) that does Colt RC.
They make 1/10 eletrics and IC (Nitro) cars.

Nothing on their 1/24 scale. Perhaps it'll gain popularity as it gets more exposure and recognition.
I honestly can't wait to see one.

Justin, I thing Initialdeeznutz's SHO motor with a GPM Twin-Turbo will bruise your Colt badly 'Nutz is going to set an official 30mph (48km/h) plus speed!

Please submit some piccies of the Colt, I'd love to see it, as we all would.
Do they make a really neat F1 replica? No, sorry that's the Kyosho product

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