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Originally Posted by dabinn View Post
No, the voltage level is different.

But you can try to find another device/converting cable called "USB to TTL converter". It convert USB to UART/TTL level (about 5V), and can fit the signal voltage of MINI-Z ASF(but not AD band & dNaNo). It is not very easy to buy, but you can find them on some website like this:

You may need to link the VCC & SIGNAL pin with a 4.7k resistance for this cable, or MINI-Z will think you don't connect anything on it. But the problem is...I can't make sure it will work or wont, for I have never got this device before.
This was what I was thinking about doing, but shorting the Rx and Tx pin's with a 4.7k - 10k resistor...

The cable I was looking into buying was this one:

It should work, but i can't give you any guarantees...
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