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Hello and welcome to the jumpy jokers of the mini-z series.

1. I have the Lazer too but I own the ASF brushed series. I don't use glue but I did switch to sponge (foam) inserts which seemed to reduce the problem a lot. Before that I noticed the tires tended to pop off more when I raced on smooth surfaces with lots of cracks/gaps, like bricked pavement.

2. For me, it worked but only on the surfaces and I ran on (smooth bricked pavement). Yours may be different.

3. I haven't tried this but I heard (note: hearsay) others have done so and is a good means of protecting the front of the buggy

4. As an ASF board owner I am not sure if this is normal. My ASF buggy + kt 18 gets around twice that range, and although I don't have a fhs sports buggy, I've handled the sports mr03s a bit and didn't feel the range to differ from the mr03 ASF by a lot. Sorry...
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