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Originally Posted by Geo-Z View Post
Hello and welcome to the jumpy jokers of the mini-z series.

1. I have the Lazer too but I own the ASF brushed series. I don't use glue but I did switch to sponge (foam) inserts which seemed to reduce the problem a lot. Before that I noticed the tires tended to pop off more when I raced on smooth surfaces with lots of cracks/gaps, like bricked pavement.

2. For me, it worked but only on the surfaces and I ran on (smooth bricked pavement). Yours may be different.

3. I haven't tried this but I heard (note: hearsay) others have done so and is a good means of protecting the front of the buggy

4. As an ASF board owner I am not sure if this is normal. My ASF buggy + kt 18 gets around twice that range, and although I don't have a fhs sports buggy, I've handled the sports mr03s a bit and didn't feel the range to differ from the mr03 ASF by a lot. Sorry...
Thanks for the feedback! I setup a hodgepodge track in my driveway using garden hose, some wooden boards, and a little ramp for good measure. I super glued the tires (you don't need a lot, I learned this the hard way) and that seemed to do the trick and the tires aren't coming off the rims. My driveway is the type of tiny pebbles cemented in big slabs so it's perfect for the buggy but wouldn't be suitable for the regular indoor mini z cars.

Now that I have a little ramp the buggy gets a couple inches or air and seems to be bottoming out on landings. Are there different springs or a shock kit you all recommend that wouldn't adversely affect it's handling?
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