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Originally Posted by TeeSquared View Post
As a word of caution, be sure not to set the steering end point too high, as over driving the servo can burn the motor out. I.E on your radio, never set the steering end point above 70%. You can check if it's set too high by turning the wheel on the transmitter all the way in either direction. If you hear the servo motor buzzing continuously at the limit, it's probably set too high.
Thanks for the info. On my old MX-A, I would set the endpoint by turning hard to one direction, and reduce the endpoint from 100 until I could see/hear the servo motor stop pushing and see the wheel turn back toward center one click. Then I knew that my steering was traveling from neutral to the full extent of its range. I'm not quite sure how to do that same thing with this new (to me) controller.

disclaimer: I just got this controller, so I'm doing all this setup visually and aurally, and trying to just set up all my various cars so the models are entered, throttle and steering are not reversed, and the steering and throttle endpoints and range are set correctly. I have yet to get anything on the track, so perhaps my concerns are unnecessary, and I'll be dialing my steering back to 40% once I get on the RCP. I mostly just want to make sure I can dial my steering and speed to the full amount of range for various driving conditions/track layouts.

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