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as mentioned in our original statement, PN Racing's place in this industry is undeniable. Kyosho's place in this market is undeniable. Atomic, etc... same. we aren't trying to replace them, nor are trying to displace them. we have entered the market as a competitor and only seek a fair opportunity to do so and those interested in giving us -or any other newcomer- the opportunity should not be threatened or intimidated.

again, aftermarket parts making is all about taking existing products and improving them in a way we think customers will feel is useful and all of us do the same thing. i wish them and other existing companies continued success in what they're doing. i hope PN Racing will cease their unethical and illegal business practices and allow us to move forward with customers who like what we're doing.

i don't really don't expect to change the views of some that are on 'their side', one can't win over every customer. thanks to those who have contacted us and appreciate the stand we're taking against bullying in the industry.
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