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Originally Posted by XPowerRC View Post
our product is not a copy. we use higher quality materials and a different color anodization. that in itself makes it different despite the design.
it is made of aluminum and it is anodized
if it is different, and is "designed to be competitive and long lasting.", and you "will always create products that are innovative, "then why does it look exactly like the PNRACING PARTS?

i think that if you and your company would like to be "competitive and long lasting" and "create products that are innovative"might i suggest hiring a product designer a good r&d team(and no i dont mean review and duplicate ) pre production development drivers and come up with a product that does not look identical to anyone else on the market!
we @ PNRACING have our own vision and we will continue to move in our own direction!
this MINI-Z community is very small and word spreads fast!
keep in mind that this would be a NON-ISSUE if ur parts didnt look like PN RACING OPTION PARTS

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