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Originally Posted by cowboysir View Post mods needed other than figuring out the power leads to the battery tray.
Switched boards tonight, so that the mr02lm board was mounted in the ma010.

Had to solder new battery connections as you mentioned, and replace 2 wires since they were a just a bit too short.

But the problem now is the steering, as soon as the board is powered on, it goes full left or right depending on the centering before powering on.
The steering is unresponsive, and the servo motor hot.

This only occurs in the servo assembly for the ma010, but the steering works just fine in the mr02lm servo assembly.

Tried to switch potentiometer and servo motor, it┤s like the mr010 servo is geared to low and the board can't find the center position.

Can get the steering to respond if I manually turn the potentiometer.

Any ideas?
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