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Originally Posted by yasuji View Post
i had a blast this past weekend......the guys in nor-cal are top notch....hats off to the ILR family for bringing mini-z to the next level
even tho there were not many racers there during the time i was there,i did have the pleasure of running with a couple of top drivers.....BAD-BOY, Ronak, and are all awesome drivers.....
the mood @ILR is a positive one.....all day non stop, potential new mini z drivers walking in the door....and when you are up on the drivers stand it gives you the feeling of being @ a big race, whether or not there are other drivers on track or not
people stop and look and it makes you feel like a celeb
the rental track was packed all day long......
binh and kris (i hope that right) we will see you again soon......
Just saw this post. You ARE a super star. I know how you feel though, most of our racers say the same thing. When people are watching, you tend to drive better. Most people that just walk in and see this for the first time are pretty amazed. Next time you come up I will let you work the rental track.
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