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The way I approach it is , I will first check to see if the shell will fit as is. Meaning - you may have to find or make an extended H-plate so the mini-z wheels align correctly with the wheel wells on the custom shell. School of thought varies, but some people will "Chop" the shell, others will make a custom H-plate - but making a custom plate will affect performance, sometimes in a very comical way. I dont use customs to race anyways so ultimate performance is never really my concern. Once you work that part out, the only other thing to do is to make your front mount and side clips. Yes, more than likely you will have to "make" these. This is usually the challeng. Each custom and mini-z set up may require unique mounting gear, but I just made a pattern or template for this mounting gear and use the same size for front and side mounts for all my customs. You can use your existing Kyosho clips to give you ideas. So, now that you sized up your shell, and made the mounting gear, carefully measure up - and glue in the mounting gear to custom shell. NOW - you can add paint and all that other good stuff. This is MY approach and everyone most likely has a different take.
OK - the "how to" for the mounts and chopping can be found in various threads here by the masters: just do a search cause the 411 is here. OH - I use styrene plastic that can be found at most LHS's for the mounting material.

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