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Originally Posted by AFMiniz View Post
My view is they (miniz and IDT/IMT) are two different classes of RC.

Miniz started with a "toy" concept and is targeting the mass market though a lot of 3rd parties brands produce option parts to make it becomes "raceable". MRX is another break through to push the miniz concept to its upper limit in term of racing capability.

Whereas IDT started from an ordinary RC concept as if it was a touring car and is targeting the RC players market. It's raceability is on its hardware like use of sensored brushless technology which has never been used in such small scale RC. The kind of enjoyment is totally different.
It is not enjoying when the car is fragile, unpredictable, poorly made / designed, and it handles poorly. And to top it all off it is faster with the sensorless, just my luck Yes the concept was good but the car itself is a nightmare. If you never experienced how well a regular Mini-Z can handle and perform than I guess ignorance is bliss but from the standpoint of being economical and having a RELIABLE car that you can count on to handle decently the X-Power IDT/IMT would be my last choice of 1/27th or 1/24th scale equipment. Just my opinion, but then again I have spent money and raced all versions of X-powers cars so what would I know. Not trying to call you out, your experience might be good, but there is a reason that a whole bunch of people bought them at my track and then only ran them for a month....

The car is heavy, poorly balanced, prone to tweaking, and does not even come with enough caster. In their design you change the wheelbase by shimming the lower arm but at the longest wheelbase you get at max like 1 degree of caster but when you shorten the wheel base at the front you get negative caster. That is just one of the many design flaws but overall the car is not worth the hassle or the money. If sold at 350 rtr with half decent spring rates and the proper hub and caster block front suspension that allows adjustmen of camber at the front then maybe the car would be half decent. Even then the roll centers on the car are way out of wack, and the ballstud is not long enough to shim to the correct height. The bellcrank (which is a 60 dollar option on a 560$ car btw) allows less steering throw then the draglink (which provides unequal bumpsteer). Not only that but the car comes with 1 degree rear toe and requires optional blocks at 15$ a piece (standard 1/10th tc come with 3 degree rear toe standard which is a much better starting point). X-power passed off a sub par car with decent electronics for too much money.

In the case of the Mini-Z v.s. the IMT (which is direct competion to the AWD) the IMT is the gimmick toy and the Mini-Z is the race platform. There is a reason why there is a strong aftermarket for the Mini-Z, because it is an excellent base plateform with immense potential (aside from the t-plate). You can only go up from the base 03 but the IDT/IMT are lower than the Mini-Z and can't go up or improve.

X-Power did a great thing with the sensored technology and the idea of the scaled down TC but after showing the car to 1/10th tc guys they had no interest and still considered it a toy. So the one purpose it served (to bridge the gap between TC and Mini-Z) it failed at.

Yes I feel cheated by X-power and that is the origin of my statements but the reality of it is that everything I have said about it is factual and leads to only one logical conclusion: The x-power IDT and IMT is inferior to the MRX and 03 in every way except for its electronic speed control and sensored technology.

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