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I have a different view.

I have been a big RC fan for more than 15yrs. When I had no family, I used to spend all my time on RC cars. Spent the evenings over the week to cleaning the car.. the bearings, tuning the engine, spraying the Lexan bodies.. then racing on the weekends...

Unfortunately, life changes when you have a wife... and kids.. I still love my RC but I can only spend 2-3 hrs a week without getting into trouble...

I started doing Mini-Z, MR03 first but I really missed my full throttle sliding out of the corners. MA was good for a while until the motors becomes too powerful. I kept breaking everything .. plastic gears are smooth but I hate having to replace them every few weeks .. and I could never make the metal gears running smooth with each other ... hard plastic shells are nice to look at but cracks easily.. whenever I broke the chassis... I would be out of action for a least a few weeks until I finally found enough time to rebuild everything..

I have owned the IDT for a few months now, a few parts still wears out from time to time, but they are super easy to replace. My 2-3 hrs each week have been spent running rather than fixing the car. It was more expansive to buy up front but a lot cheaper to maintain in the long run. The ball diff requires some fine-tuning from time-to-time so I am still missing the oil diff from my 1/10 days
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