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Easy to mantain does not mean that the car handles well and is a headache to race. Also the IMT is not easy to mantain in comparison to the 2wd. I broke 3 knuckles in 2 race days and while I have only broken a knuckle once in 2 years with my 2wd's. The MRX and the 03 are much more durable chassis which are laid out better and easier to maintain. And anyways I prefer to have to spend time preparing the car so that I know it will handle well so maybe that is just me but if I am going to spend the time and money on a car I would rather have a car that actually works

The IDT is good for the person who races by themselves on a track they set up in their basement but what when you put the IMT up against the AMZ, the mini-z or the MRX it will loose. Just no pleasure in a car that has too many flaws. In a race enviorment it is better to stick with the 2wd anyways, the IMT/IDT is just too much hassle.
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