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X-Power have resolved some of the issues but after spending 600$ on a kit I have no interest in spending another 100-150$. The car handles well but after fixing all the issues it is still less adjustable and slower than a well equiped MRX which can be built for 450$ or less. If the IDT/IMT came with a working bellcrank and a c-hub/caster block TC setup out of the box and was narrower with a shorter wheelbase then the car would be worth the 560$ price tag. But at that point you might as well by an Xray T4 or other TC car because even still the IDT would be slower than the MRX. It may be better than the Mini-Z AWD but against the AMZ it is still slower. I may have a slightly skewed point of view because at my club we are known for being the fastest and adopting slightly different racing procedures (i.e. we ran open foam tire 32t lipo MRX rockets) so odviously the IDT was going to be slower no matter what but when we tried running it as a seperate class the beginner drivers could barely build the car let alone consistently keep it handling well. The car was too finicky and inconsistent for our level of driving in our paticular environment but it may work well else where. All I can say is that the MRX has the performance advantage, reliability advantage, tire life advantage, and ease of use advantage.

As for the inherint flaws there is no way to fix the caster settings. Wihout proper caster the car is unstable and loses a LOT of enty steering. One driver at my track was testing some prototype bulkheads which fixed some of the caster issue but even if the caster issue was resolved the roll center and camber gain at the front of the car makes the tires cone too much when running the setups we ran. Overall the car was frustrating but if you can live with the flaws and only drive IDT v.s IDT then I guess the car works.
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