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Originally Posted by kyoshosan View Post
I think Kyosho has already a "warrior" car. It's called MR-02EX. In Japan it is being sold for around U$160. It is a good car w/ a 2.4GHz Radio. Kyosho America retails it for $242! I know and I've said it before, it would be a killer if it was around $100 bucks. The secret IMHO is Factory Support!

Kyosho needs to step up and help LHS to promote races (Mini-Z CUP), on Stock Classes. Now with so many choices, Mini-Z racer, AWD (drift), F1, NASCAR, Buggy, MotoRacer... it should not be difficult getting people into the Mini-Z World.

Keep it simple and cheap!
A lot of places sell the MR02EX ready set for around $160.00. From what I have heard the Kyosho Cup rules for parts restrictions is ridiculous for mini-z.
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