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Here's a picture of a standard Mini-Z, micro, and Giro transponder.

This small batch of 15 was hand made to test the concept. Of these 11 are still available and I can have another 10 together in about a week to source a few bits and solder them up. Cost is $40 each and limit 2 per person. Email for details(no PM please)
They'll ship with shrink covering which can be removed if desired.

Once these are gone, depending on demand, they will either go into production and stay at $40, or will continue to be hand assembled and sell for $46.
If they make it into production, they'll be slightly smaller as well.

I don't know what the demand will be for these as the standard size works fine in almost all situations and Mini-Z is already a very small percentage versus the normal transponder for larger scales.
They do however fit most dNaNo models nicely.

Please respond with comments, feedback and suggestions.


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