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I get what you're saying about the grey area... I'm hoping some venue could conclude the testing we kinda started at our track but couldn't conclude it will take a field of closely skilled drivers running a whole bunch of races for a while with those two platforms on the track to see if there is or isn't any parity.

Im not sure if i understand your 2nd paragraph clearly..are you saying the 5500 open geard nimh cars were faster than your 53/10 3500 lipo car in SS class? we did conclude the testing combining those two platforms in SS (open gearing for both platforms allowed) ended us up in super close competition, the lipo 3500 cars settled on 53/12 and the 5500 nimh 53/10-11...the track was larger so the nimh car had a chance to utilize its top end power band.

Originally Posted by EMU View Post
In due time, I think there will be space for a 2S 3500kv class... but I don't think we are the yet.
I think even now 3500/lipo at 54/8 gearing cars by themselves will make for a very nice parallel to nimh stock class speedwise speaking.

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