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Originally Posted by mugler View Post
Oh I see & not sure what's going on there...I think a 2s/3500 car geared rightshould take care of a any stock car on any gearing..given the tiny dimensions of the track I think 54/8 (13.5 or 12.5 rotor is fine) is the way to go even though this will produce a big drag brake effect which i know its not your preferred style of driving.

Yeah, a 2s 3500kV lithium car should be pretty darn quick, I can't image a NiMH 5500kv with any gearing able to keep up. We run our "Super Stock" class as lithium 2s 3500kV with 54/13 or 54/14 gearing. Times for the top drivers are only 0.1-0.2s off the full modified times on a 20x12 tile track, and some are faster than mod as well. There's still an advantage with the full mod cars down the back straight, but in the infield it's close.

When geared down to 54/9 on a small HFAY layout the lithium 3500kv still felt a bit more powerful than the nimh 5500 at the same gearing, the lithium felt like it had more torque.
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