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Originally Posted by arch2b View Post
I've already started another job and went to put on a second coat tonight of same color and I guess it's just to cold out for the paint and within 10 minutes inside, it crinkled all over the place absolute trash now and have to start over from scratch. Not the first time I've had this happen but first time in a long time and had forgotten how soul crushing it can be after you've done multiple coats only to have it go horribly wrong at the end. No saving it so at least got some frustration out by stomping on it repeatedly. I've never been successful at stripping paint from a body so gave up on that effort long ago. It always melted, became brittle or ruined the surface or all the above.
Bummer, my deepest sympathies, not even kidding. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure crinkling is not so much because it was cold out for the last coat, but because the base coat underneath wasn't fully cured. Again, maybe talking out of my ass here, but I've read that enamels dry/cure in more of a chemical reaction (with heat as a catalyst), while acrylics dry by evaporation. I made a crappy little "drying box" that is basically a shoe box with a hole cut in the bottom, and a few kebab sticks running horizontally for the body to sit on, and then I set this on top of an old lamp with a 20w bulb. Using a laser thermometer, the body gets about 120˚. I find this significantly reduces enamel dry time.

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