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The AM gear is not worth much these days. F1 is a little different because the chassis are hard to find. There seems to be people that still want the chassis, especially if the body is decent and there are some upgraded parts. The MR01s are worth almost nothing unless some collector needs some parts or they have a discontinued body that is in decent shape. My friend paid $35 for an MR01 because it came with a beat up Corvette body he wanted. I bought an AM MR02 for $50 because it included a PN LCG rear end, ball diff, disk damper, 48T Atomic super stock motor that were all compatible with my MR03, and an 8 cell charger. No body on that purchase, but it was worth it for me to get the other stuff. If you have bodies and can put some decent packages together they will probably sell, but maybe not for what you would like.

I have a EX6r radio that I really like. Any radio that is Asf compatible and stores multiple models could do what you want, although asf is old, so I would recommend the EX6r so you could handle asf and the newer MHS. The new evo boards make for more flexibility with radios than we have seen in mini z for awhile. If you want to use all EVO boards there are some good Futaba options as well.

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