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Kodak C9

I forgot to take pictures before I drove it, but it didn't get too damaged in it's first night out. A few months ago, we started getting more and more silver C9s on the track, and I keep breaking the headlights off my 962s, so I thought I'd paint a C9 white body.

I think the C9 sits too high if you mount the body clips in the designated location, so I dremeled out the mount to sit a little higher inside, so the bottom of the body is flush with the bottom of the chassis. At this height, there will be clearance issues with a top spring, so I cleared out a little egg-shaped hole that allows movement.

This body was intended to be a racer, not a shelf queen, so I used Tamiya putty to fill in all the antenna and wiper holes, the two vents on the top surface, and the intake vent in the front panel. I also painted the headlight lenses black. I used a 3D printed wing from Shapeways designed by BABKA. I ordered it in red, but also painted it red. I really like how it doesn't have a "stem" and bolts right to the top deck. Very solid.

Paint I used:

Yellow = Testor's Kodak Film Yellow - got this in the clearance bin of a hobby store about 15 years ago. Had a picture of some #4 NASCAR on the label.

White = Tamiya Racing White

Red = Krylon Colormaster Banner Red

Clearcoat = Future floor polish.

Custom waterslide decals on Testor's decal paper, white base for the numbers, clear for everything else.


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