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Originally Posted by LJH View Post
Looks good.

Do you run a specific LM class? Do you have to run the LM wheels and tires? I have found that all my LM cars are way faster running "regular" sized wheels with PN KS tires on RCP.

We don't run a specific LM class, but I run LM wheels and tires on both of my LM cars. I don't find the LM wheels/tires to be a hinderance, but I've never done a true A/B test. Anecdotally, the guy who just won our club's HFAY season did it on LM wheels/tires, and my fastest laps in my LM cars are always just as fast or faster than my best laps in a 98mm GT car. I run Kyosho 301-20 and 302-20, sometimes 301-30 up front for better wear.

For me, I really like the scale look of the LM wheels, and I find them very drivable.

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