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Originally Posted by briankstan View Post
I just wanted to check in and see how things were going with an "Event Manager" Something that could handle different classes, qualifying and setting up mains. I know at one point you had through some ideas out there, where it would be a separate program. I just wanted to check in and see where you were at.
I know I have not mentioned much about this in a while but things have progressed slowly but surely. Some of the updates this year have been laying the foundation of changes I need in the application for event management piece. Some of these are not directly visible but instead programming restructuring and database changes in the background.

I was going down the route of a separate program but moved to having it integrated directly in the main program instead. I was duplicating too much effort in making it a separate program.

If I were to put a metric on it I would say I am probably about 40% done for the first release of this feature set. Not even going to guess on a deadline though as when I can invest time is always unpredictable.
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