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okay, this is starting to make more sense to me. I also did some reading thru the Flipside thread, and saw that there used to be a function to manually add racers which has been removed on more currect versions.

A few questions i'm not sure of currectly:

Does the current race info show up as the race is progressing on the RaceScreen, or on the LiveGraphing Screen during a race. (so far I haven't been able to see laps being counted or timed as cars pass under the bridge. I've just set up three simple race profiles so far: a freeplay profile, a three lap race, and a 2minute timed race.)

Once the current race ends, and the same race profile is started from the RaceScreen, will the racers be autodetected again the first time they pass under the bridge after the horn, or do you have to go back out to the RaceConfig and start the race from there to get the racers to autodetect?

Thanks again for your help getting familiar with Flipside. Its a great program, and I'll be sure to post some feedback once I get more familiar with it.

Thx, Bob
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