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Added New Features

I've added a few new features to the program listed below. If they are of interest I'll tidy up the code and see if I can get it back in the main program.
  • Breakout
  • Fastest average over 5 consecutive laps
  • Fastest average over 10 consecutive laps
  • Fastest average over 15 consecutive laps

The breakout option simply announces "breakout!" when a car exceeds the minimum lap time. We run a breakout series at our track and it proves very popular and a great way to get new racers to be consistent and to work on lines and not speed.

The averages appear in the statistics screen. These are very helpful to see how fast the run was over more than one lap. I use this information all of the time to see if my mods are making a true difference (and I don't just fluke a fast time). It's also better than the total time as one crash generally ruins that!
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