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Originally Posted by TheStig View Post
Can you send me a link to the registration page? I'm probably missing it but I can't see a link on the site. I've been into all of the chid pages and searched the pages but no joy
This should work:

I just added it back to the site yesterday so I would guess your browser has the old site template cached.

For now I think I will create a separate branch to track the changes.

In thinking about the features further for the breakout feature I think this will either have to be configurable or at least I need to put in logic based on lap counter types. Some of the lap counters out there transmit multiple detections, the lap counting software rejects these as they do not meet the minimum lap time. But if you add logic annoucing a breakout people will be hearing that almost every lap with these lap counters. I will have to look at your logic as you may have already taken care of this. Minimally maybe a hard coded limit of not announcing it if the lap time is excessively fast, like maybe 1 second etc.

And then as Racer-HH says maybe the average lap should be configurable instead of hard coded to a specific lap number, not sure on this though, I will need to see what you have done so far.

Anyways you are doing good work, once you create that account I will get you a branch in SVN.

BTW, I do not use svn:, only https:. I did not setup the separate SVN daemon and just use the Apache module instead.

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