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Tire and Motor types


I'd like some info on tires, I feel lazy now that I'm asking, instead of researching on my own, but I think I'll get better results this way... I have plans of making a Mini-Z website, that will have as much information as I can accumulate, and I would like as much help as I can get on this one...

Today's question is...

What type of tires do well on what surfaces...? (This is for a comparison table).

This will work out something like this...

Type of Tire | Width | Hardness | Surface Recommended

I hope to see some information on this, because I've only seen a little on tires, I guess there really isn't too much, but I'd like to do what I can to make an extremely useful website. There will be more questions to follow. So Instead of making a new thread, I'm going to ask my second question now...

The type of motor for what reason.

What type of motor is fast, and which is faster than which? (ex: X-speed is faster than stock).

This will be a table in decending order (fastest to slowest) showing prices and best values depending on the speed for the price you pay, so I hope I can get this website going ASAP!!!

There will be a bunch more questions on the way, and yes I know that some of these are answered on previous threads, but it is much easier to see the collective data all on one thread, instead of searching for hours where I can get the info I need from you people in a matter of minutes.

Thanks for your imput!

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