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KT-18 blue l.e.d blinking rapidly

Ok I have a problem.

I turned my control on and then my car the other day.I noticed on the control that the l.e.d light was blinking at a rapid pace.I turn it off and look in the manual about what to do when this happens. Theres nothing about in particular but there does mention something about the l.e.d light blinking at a slow pace and that means the batteries need to be charged in the control.

I did notice after further inspection when I examined the car that the power switch was turned on but there were no batteries in the car, and this was after I tore here down and cleaned the chassis and painted it.

So far I have charged the batteries that I have and the charged ones go into the control but that light is still blinking. Then I put those charged ones into the car and my non charged batteries into the control. The car moves very slow in forward but it moves faster in reverse.

Did I fry my f.e.t's or screw something up real bad? Should I just try some new batteries and pitch the ultralast 850mah rechargeables I have?
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