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It was an 02 and happened twice just before 2 of my son's qualifiers. The light was blinking but we could not get it to control the car, even in training mode. I guess it went to training mode and lost bind at the same time. I tried to rebind countless times with no luck. I took a borrowed KT-18 and bound it with no problem. We reset the offending radio and it would bind only to blink and lose bind again before the next qualifier! Attempt to rebind countless times then go to other radio and bind. Frustrating... not sure if it is a problem with this particular radio or something my son was doing when turning on the unit. The fact that it would not rebind points to the radio. The car was fine because we checked all connections before the quals. Like I said there were many other 2.4 radios around plus 2 or 3 large broadcasting radio stations nearby if this made any difference to a possibly sensitive transmitter.
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