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Formula One: 2014

Thought I'd start this off since pre season testing has begun and we are 6weeks away from The Australian GP.

2014 is bringing a host of new changes to the Formula and good or bad it will hopefully shake up the status quo of runaway races.

First reg change that deserves mentioning is the powerplant:

1.6L Turbo V6 with ERS unit with a combined power output of a approximate 850bhp. Personally I'm not a big fan of the idea but I also didn't like the change from V10 to V8 so I'll have to hold judgement until the opening race. My concern is that the drama of the noise of F1 will be lost....

The ERS units are something to discuss but at this point I don't know much other than it harvests brake and exhaust heat energy to make a stored 250bhp and the ability for more usage during a lap. I'll be reading more at Racecar Engineering or F1tech soon....

I will have more to discuss about the new regs (especially about the butt ugly front ends of certain manufacturers) but as a teaser I can report that RedBull has only been able to get 13 laps over 3 days of preseason testing. They have been having serious issues with overheating and ERS storage failures...
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