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I don't so much mind the change in motor, and understand the change in aero package... to try to reduce the dirty air behind the car to allow another car to follow more closely.

Installing the exhaust on the rear top side to prevent any blown diffusors...

Adrian Newey is by far the best aerodynamics engineer in F1! But Red Bull have had quite some electronic gremlins in the past with KERS, and with ERS being more substantial, if they have similar issues, it will mean that they wont win the race... or even podium... since there is a considerably larger percentage of power from ERS, and you can use it longer. All moving more to hybrid technology...

F1 is at a point where it is trying to showcase technology, rather than have racers take the gloves off and really duke it out on the track. Pretty soon they may just stagger the starts and have everyone race against the clock as not to have them anywhere near anyone else, and a pass for position will be virtual, so if they come up behind the car ahead, the blue flag will get them by.

Drivers like Alonso, Hamilton and Raikonnen have been struggling, because they are FAST drivers. They want to drive as fast as they can as long as the tires can last. In general, since the fueling was taken out of racing, these drivers have been replaced at the front with the ones that are more efficient.

Whether Vettels speed is from the car, or from his driving... He is efficient, and fast, at the same time. That cannot be doubted. He is THE driver of this style of racing. If refueling were still in effect, he may still be able to win against the fast guys at their fastest as well... He has shown the speed and pace to be at the front in all sorts of situations. Because of this, I want to see Red Bull continue with their ERS troubles... at least for the first few races to see if he can rise to win instead of running away from the start of the season with nobody in his rear view. Im all about the underdog in racing, at least most of the time.

I do like the loss in aero, I feel that it will lead to better racing, and more risk required to push the car to the absolute limit. I am sure that the top teams will adjust quickly, but there will be a few less complex tricks that they can do, so the gap between midfield and the front may shrink. At least in the beginning of the season.

Maldonado on Lotus is a big disappointment for me. Massa would have been a MUCH better option, despite his struggles with Ferrari. I just don't see Maldonado being much of a setup driver, which is something that Lotus needs. Kimi wasn't either, but he was always fast regardless what the setup is... Grosjean I feel is a decent setup driver, and he showed that when they started to setup the car for him, he kept it on the podium.

Alonso will lead setup on Ferrari, but Kimi may be just as fast if not faster??? That is probably what I want to see most. Which will lead the team on the track. This could lead to another McLaren incident when Alonso and Hamilton were teammates.

Its good to see that Williams picked up Massa. His experience alone will add depth to the team. And the reduction in pressure by not being on Ferrari will have to be seen whether it helps or hurts his on track performance.

I felt that it was a little too soon for such big changes in the regs, but if your going to change the motor, might as well change everything at the same time. Sure is cost saving
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