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When I pick it up, it seems fine, both wheels seem to be getting equal power, and like I said I have tightened and loosened the diff some already and have been tuning it, it just hasn't helped any. I suppose I will just try some more, but in answer to your other questions I have the metal ball bearings and no there is not interference with the shell and the tires.

I will try to tune the diff more, but right out of the box I tried the diff and it did the same thing. It was tight out of the box also, and even when it was really loose in comparison, there was no difference, all it does is turn in circles.

I also just think my car is bad, when I first got it it did the same thing just not as bad. Whenever I turned it just did a circle. I don't know what crack heads wrote the articles in RCCA magazine and said that the MR-02 was so much better then the MR-01 especially in terms of handling, but I can assure you that in terms of my experience, EXACTLY the opposite is true. My friends MR-01 will take my Enzo in any aspect of handling, acceleration, anything except because of the Enzo's CG being low, it doesn't flip. WOW - so I have a terrible handling Enzo that does nothing but circles, but at least it won't flip over right?

The worst part is that I bought the diff, bearings, alum engine mount and other parts to fix the problems it had in doing these circles right out of the box, and the problems are 5x worse now after spending as much as I did on the car originally.
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