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Hmm, strange but don't give up.

First, is all the chims in the right places? one on each side of the diff?

Secondly, if the car spunn before you put the diff in maybe it's something else. Do you tighten the wheelnuts to hard? Is it something with the steering? Make sure that there is nothing obstructing or tampering with the steeringmovement.

Is the car straight? Lift one front wheel at a time and check how far you can lift it before the other lifts also. Then repeat with the nest wheel. Can you lift them the same hight? If not you have to find the place where it's tweaking. Usually the H-bar in the back.

You say that the wheels ain't touching the body. Check it by running the car carcarefully without the body and see how it handles.

It's often the very very small details that makes the car handle really bad so pay attention to the small details. Is it a small twig from the molfing form that's in the way some where?

I hope that you find the fault and get your racer going.

Oh just remeberd. I'm running my MR-02 on painted particle board and I just can't get the car to handle well if I use anything hotter than the standard motor :-( I do think that you have to get it to grip more in the back ans slide in the front for that. When you run almost even deg tires on the MR-01 you have to use 40/10 deg tires front and back on the MR-02 Enzo because of the weight balance and characteristics of the car.


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