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Sounds to me like Worst_Enzo may have answered your problem. As I was reading this thread it sounded to me like a radio/controller issue. We had trouble with the cheezy radio that came with my daughters Enzo at first too.

The trim knobs for the steering rate on that controller are confussing I think.

1) Make sure that you are not on the same frequency as others. DO NOT trust what the number on the crystal says - they are for in Europe and do NOT match to the US (they have 12 channels and we have 6). Check the frequency number stamped on both the receiver and transmitter crystals and make sure that they match. Then make sure that they do not clash with anyone else running cars at the same time.

2) Try a new radio - one that you know works.

If neither of these work - Kyosho used to have a warrenty on the Z's check that out too.

good luck

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