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I could try that..but I got it from stella from hong kong... and obviously I did it to it. It worked fine untill I mounted teh rear mono shock(and shorted it some how...not realy quite sure how I did it!)

I supose I could call kyosha...but what am i going to say...

I hooked up a bunch of aftermarket it is flakey! give me a new board!

I may call the guys up in toronto, and see if they can fix my problem...that will be about half as much as a new rx/servo set. And If I have them do teh FET upgrade, I can then sell of my eagle turbo bost to help off set the cost to repair it.

I just dont see how I shorted my rx. There should not have been a open circut created. my motor pod is plastic, and all my wires(accept the antena obviously) are insulated, and did not come in contact with the antena.

This just sucks...
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